Branding your Business

Logo Creation

A logo is your brand.  A logo is who you are.   It can be as important as your business name, your business phone number or your business web address.  Everyday, all over America, all over the world, you are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of logo's that you may have seen so many times that a glance is all you need to know that it is for a soft drink, a vehicle, a certain beer, an athletic shoe, a computer company... need I say more?   Street Graphex can help give your customers and potential new customers the same response with a professionally designed logo.   Our full service graphics art department is ready to help you brand your business today!

Promotional Products

Today, every company needs to maintain and promote its identity. There is fierce competition out there! To reward and inspire your valued customers and to help motivate your hard-working staff, you need to be creative! You need to stay in front of the competition! How can you do that affordably? How do you keep your name in front of your customers? Promotional merchandise is the answer. Logos and branding is very important when giving away key rings or pens or letter openers at any event. You can show your appreciation to your customers for behind loyal to you by providing t-shirts or hats or maybe even jackets that are branded with your logo! You can run campaigns through the mail using brochures or post cards that helps embed your logo or brand in their mind when opened! You can also use promotional merchandise to get results. It is a very effective way of reaching your target audience, whoever they are. What is your goal? Are you looking to increase sales? Do you need to encourage brand loyalty? Are you going to publicize a new product or service? Do you want to simply say thank you to your customers or your staff? Define your campaign and then go look for that piece of merchandise that will help you deliver your goal!