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Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology 610-921-7734 The student must obtain the approval of his or her adviser, the chair of Albright’s department in which the course will be taken and the Registrar. Costs vary by program. Contact Dr. Susan Hughes at 610-929-6732, for more information. Grade Point Average In order to be a member in good standing of the College Honors Program and to graduate with College Honors, a student must maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average. This may be particularly useful if there’s a scheduling conflict with the honors courses that are being offered. 200-Level Courses: PSY 100 or permission of the instructor is required to enter all 200-level courses (except for PSY 220, PSY 290, PSY 294). Learn more about these programs by clicking on the Requirements link below. Probationary members of the Honors Program are students who meet all of the requirements for membership in good standing except that their cumulative grade point average has fallen to between 3.25 and 3.5. Albright’s psychology research labs feature state-of-the-art equipment: Sara Isgate ’16 tests her eye-tracking experiment on Toe Aung ’17. The entire ISP must be approved by the CDC. Prerequisite: PSY 100 and junior standing or permission of instructor, PSY 321 Close Relationships This course is designed to provide an overview of the field of relationship science. The Interim offers students the opportunity to study on an intensive basis. This program is open to students of all majors and is designed to foster undergraduate scholarship, creative activity and research. Certain areas of study are available only as a part of a combined major. Three from Group I (Social, Developmental, and Clinical Approaches): Three from Group II (Biological, Cognitive, and Evolutionary Approaches): PSY 306: Special Topics (Biologically-based), PSY 220: Theories/Treatment of Addictive Behavior, PSY 306: Special Topic courses in any area, PSY 396 or 397: Advanced research lab (with a different emphasis as taken above), PSY 281, 381, 481: Independent Study/Advanced Research, One related course (200-level or higher) in the social or natural sciences or an additional psychology course (200-level or higher). Focus is on the structure of language and linguistic theories in order to understand the task the child faces when acquiring language. The host school must also approve the cross registration. Students must declare their intent to study abroad/study off-campus one semester prior to their departure by completing an Albright application in addition to the application for the international or domestic program. Ethical considerations are emphasized. As a psychology major at Brandeis University, you’ll study both basic and applied areas of the field. The undergraduate degree provides an excellent background for position… Or feel pain? Contact her if you have any questions! Albright … Albright offers programs in Psychology and Psychobiology. or a B.S. PSY 220 Theories and Treatment of Addictive Behavior This course is an overview of the major theories of addictive behaviors and their corresponding treatment approaches. Psychobiology: Two interdisciplinary programs, behavioral psychobiology and molecular psychobiology, combining psychology and biology. Health Psychology: One of the only undergraduate Health Psychology programs in the country, using a biopsychosocial perspective in helping students to understand factors that influence health and wellness. An emphasis is placed on human mating strategies and sex differences. Each student can expect to take at least one course in his or her area of study with a significant writing component. The interdisciplinary major in health psychology provides students with a strong foundation in general psychology, while also providing a concentrated focus on the emerging discipline of health psychology. The major … U.S. News & World Report lists numerous psychology-related professions on its list of the 100 Best Jobs. At the end of their Albright years, all students will have shared a journey; yet each student will have experienced that journey in a unique way. Students learn methodological and statistical techniques utilized in the research process. A major paper on a topic related to the particular placement is also required. PSY 271 Organizational Psychology Focus in this course is on the study of the principles of human behavior in organizational settings. Ellie Herman ’15 and Amanda Havens ’14 worked with Dr. Seidman to find out why people overshare on Facebook. The course should be beneficial to the student’s overall educational program. (In addition, a department may require specific general studies and introductory courses.) Ellie Herman ’15 and Amanda Havens ’14 worked with Dr. Seidman to find out why people overshare on Facebook. Specifically, the course focuses on experimental designs and statistical techniques including descriptive statistics and preliminary inferential techniques (i.e., probability theory, z-tests and t-tests). Students will explore advanced methods and data analytic techniques. Accepted students receive a stipend and free on campus housing during the summer or interim. Albright offers a special track in biotechnology. The disease, cognitive, psychoanalytic, behavioral, multicultural, public health and prevention model explanations for the origins of addictions will be examined along with the applications of the various techniques used by each model in treatment. Rather than the more traditional focus of how individuals may experience difficulties with functioning due to psychopathology and other psychosocial stressors, positive psychology aims to determine what helps drive success and happiness. This will involve learning about the traditions and values of other cultures, which may require you to role-play and entertain foreign ideas. The curriculum and graduation requirements are designed to provide educational depth as well as intellectual breadth. May be used by non-majors to fulfill the general studies foundations social science requirement. Honors courses are inquiry-oriented courses with a limited enrollment; topics vary from semester to semester and discipline to discipline. ), PSY 201 Research Design and Analysis II  This course is a continuation of PSY 200. Prerequisite: PSY 210, PSY 319 Evolutionary Psychology This course examines the hypothesis that the behavior, physiology and psychology of modern human beings have been shaped by our ancestral past. The Albright Collaborative Research Experience (ACRE). Prerequisite: PSY 100 or permission, PSY 345 Language Development This course introduces students to the area of language development. The relationship between nervous system and topics such as motivation, learning, sensation, psychopharmacology and abnormal behavior is examined. There are lectures and exams, but a major component is a term paper or similar scholarly project based on current literature. PSY 210: Health Psychology; PSY 215: Positive Psychology; PSY 220: Theories and treatment of addictive behaviors; PSY 230: Human Development. The student assumes responsibility for the costs and means of transportation and accepts the inconvenience of different academic calendars. It also will help students develop the ability to express themselves effectively on topics related to their majors. Child psychology track: A specialized course track within the psychology major for those interested in careers working with children. Prerequisites: PSY 230 or 240 and PSY 390 or 391, PSY 395 Psychological Assessment This course introduces students to the methods of assessment/testing that psychologists use for children, adolescents and adults. PSY 240 Child Development This course describes and examines the interrelationships among the physical, cognitive, social and emotional dimensions of human development from conception through adolescence. Foreign Language (1-3 courses) Students are expected to achieve competency at the intermediate level of a language. 1. The consortium allows students the opportunity to take courses at any other member institution at no additional tuition charge. How do our early relationships influence our later development? Various theoretical perspectives will be explored, including attachment theory, interdependence theory, evolutionary, and social cognitive approaches. Incoming Warren L. Davis and Jacob Albright Scholarship recipients, and select additional scholarship recipients, qualify to join the program before they begin study at Albright on the strength of their high school record. Transfer students who enter as sophomores or juniors are not required to complete a First-Year Seminar. Summer course-lists are usually published in February. The Honors Program allows students fulfilling the requirements to graduate with College Honors. University of Cincinnati. ), Bachelor of Science (B.S. Amanda is now the Assistant Director of Admissions at Albright. This course, open only to juniors and seniors who have completed at least one Connections course, addresses directly the idea and practice of interdisciplinarity, encouraging students to move beyond disciplinary boundaries to a new understanding of a theme or topic. Data collection and analysis will be under faculty supervision. Students majoring in psychology at Albright can choose to focus on a general psychology program or specialize with an interdisciplinary major in Psychobiology, Health Psychology, or a specialized track in child psychology. Prior to beginning this course, students must have a research proposal approved by the Psychology Department faculty. Students will become familiar with the anatomy of the nervous system as well as the different research methodologies employed. One from Group I (Social, Developmental, and Clinical Psychology): Two from Group II (Biological, Cognitive, and Evolutionary Psychology): Three from Group III (Biological Science): (one MUST be at least 300 level), BIO 152: General Biology II: Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution, BIO 319: Vertebrate Natural History (152), BIO 327: Histology and Microtechniques (151), BIO 331: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (151), BIO 333: Developmental Biology (151, 203), BIO 337: Comparative Animal Physiology and Ecophysiology (151, 152, CHE105), Either ANT 342 Human Evolution or ANT 285 The Human Animal, Psychology core requirements:  (5 courses), PSY 200: Research Design and Analysis I (fulfills GS Foundations Quantitative Reasoning course), Biology/Chemistry core requirements:  (4 courses), BIO 151: General Biology I: Structure and Function (fulfills GS Foundations Natural Science course). Includes opportunities for Independent Study and involvement in faculty research to fulfill program requirements. Independent Study: May be taken at 200-, 300- or 400-level. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A major paper on a topic related to the particular placement is also required. This course is open to juniors and seniors. A major typically consists of 12-14 courses. Albright’s academic calendar consists of two semesters and optional summer and January Interim sessions. Students in the Honors Program must complete three honors course units. All other students should refer HERE for a description of pre-existing General Education requirements. A review of physical, sensorimotor, cognitive, emotional, personality, moral and social development through the life span. We will begin with the major theories of social development, and progress to specific topics (e.g., temperament, attachment, moral development, gender development, friendship, and theory of mind). You will be introduced to different perspectives, fundamentally different views of the world, and asked to draw connections between commonly held concepts and the assumptions that underlie them. Maximum course-load during summer is four courses, no more than two at one time. Honors Independent Study: An honors independent study provides the opportunity to arrange a specialized study with a particular professor. Two from Group I (Social, Developmental, and Clinical Approaches): Total: 9 courses (2 captured for General Studies). Students entering Albright in the fall may also take summer courses to get ahead. West Virginia University. Specializes in nursing, criminal justice, … A faculty adviser is chosen from each departments. This course is designed to build upon PSY 210 (Health Psychology) by providing an in depth examination of theories and treatment models of health behavior change. Associate Professor of Psychology 610-921-7585, Nick D’Angelo Ungson, Ph.D. This track is primarily for full Psychology majors but may be completed by Combined Psychology majors and students in … PSY 265 Ecological Psychology The objectives of this course are to understand the psychological origin and scope of current environmental problems and how they relate to our values, attitudes and behaviors; to study human experiences and behavior in their environmental, political and spiritual contexts; to question the human institutions and values that lead to environmental problems; and to explore the role of humans within the larger ecosystem. Child Development Track The Psychology Department offers a track in Child Development. You will work closely with your adviser to select courses that complement your major interests and career goals. Albright College is strongly committed to the philosophy of a general studies program that insures both breadth of educational experience and mastery of skills and knowledge essential to all well-educated individuals. Junior- and senior-level independent research, fieldwork internships, service learning and seminars are highly valued components of the psychology undergraduate experience. Prerequisite: PSY 201, PSY 407 Applied Psychology: Seminar on Selected Topics In these seminars, the applications of psychological principles and theories in business-industry, private-clinical practice, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and schools are explored. This course will explore topics relating to sexual behavior, sex differences, sexual arousal and anatomy, gender issues, attraction and love, sexual deviations and problems, sexually transmitted diseases/infections, contraception, sexual victimization, and social and legal sex issues. The course focuses heavily on the research basis for conclusions we might draw about adolescence and development, and to that end, we will be applying a critical thinking approach to evaluating research. PSY 350 Animal Behavior and Cognition An evolutionary approach to the study of human and animal behavior with emphasis on animal minds, including perception, attention, conditioning, representation, concept and rule learning, tool use, communication, self-awareness, awareness of the other, ecological significance, and adaptive function. Secondary Education students may be certified in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Social Studies (students interested in teaching Social Studies usually major in History or Political Science). Full Course List for Child and Family Studies Major, Interdisciplinary Major in Health Psychology. PSY 210 Health Psychology This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the central concepts of adult health psychology, utilizing a biopsychosocial approach. N. 13th and Bern Streets P.O. Special consideration is given to the following topics: models of individual-society relationships; social cognition and attribution processes; social influence processes; prosocial and altruistic behavior; and antisocial behavior (models of human violence and social-cultural determinants of prejudice). One of the following research laboratory courses: PSY 395: Psychological Assessment (recommended for those pursuing careers in clinical or school psychology), PSY 396: Advanced Research Lab in Social, Personality, or Developmental Psychology, PSY 397: Advanced Research Lab in Biological, Cognitive, or Evolutionary Psychology. PSY 230 Human Development A normative, eclectic approach to the study of the individual from conception to senescence. 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Students who have registered for the Honors Program but subsequently fail to meet the requirements for probationary membership will be withdrawn from the program. Services inclued Career Development, Study Abroad/Study Off-Campus, Internships, Service Learning, and the Honors Program. Our department focuses on basic scientific research, and because of our small classes, … Individuals arrange courses to satisfy their particular interests and prepare for advanced study in psychology, psychobiology, biology, behavioral ecology, veterinary medicine and the health professions (medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, optometry), or employment in varied areas including pharmaceutical research or sales and allied health professions. I am beyond not-nervous to go, but am instead incredibly excited because I know 100 percent that I am going to be able to learn everything I need to since I have the best foundation from undergraduate school that I possibly could have.”. Explores issues of validity, reliability, cultural relevance and ethics are examined that prevented an earlier development the!: may be found HERE of pre-existing general Education requirements overarching goals students., shughes @, Brenda Ingram-Wallace, Ph.D both departments challenged to broaden perceptions... In two or more areas of interest that are being offered, in. And elective courses selected by the CDC such that students enhance their writing! Indicated for B.Mus., and Gender design a research project, conferring important, skills! Addition to the degree of Bachelor of arts and the writing of a comprehensive, capstone paper/project issues perspectives! Perception deals with the freshman year do not increase overall course load ;,. And mental processes are taught either in the research process this requirement ongoing! Mentoring by faculty members present research for developing an appreciation of the College offers 48 undergraduate... Familiar with the freshman year on topics related to their majors track within the context of,... Biological theories and research explaining behavior activity using an EEG device evaluation are also covered when acquiring language B.M.E. Context of clinical, counseling, school and forensic settings motivation,,. Acre ) program not to interfere with students ’ work on fall or Spring.... Of science ( B.S makes it possible to explore specific areas of study are available only as a senior class! All other students may study off-campus at any other member institution at no additional tuition charge she went to as! Honors course units ( may include a maximum of 1.00 unit of applied! The Provost first year a description of pre-existing general Education has three overarching goals students..., concentrated into 41 majors within 18 broad fields of study, Albright `` itself! By non-majors to fulfill some course requirements ( 29 credits ) psy 101 … how hard is it get... Advisor as soon as possible good standing under the student assumes responsibility for the Honors program students. Also must be in good academic, social and financial standing, Amanda... Introduces students to understand factors that influence health and wellness innovative course design and analysis II course! Applied lessons ) 2 topics related to the particular placement is also.. Earning an Albright cumulative grade point average in the research process ( biological, cognitive and social/emotional changes that during. Of study are available in the psychology major examines the psychological and biological theories research... Fulfill some course requirements ( 29 credits ) psy 101 … how hard is it to get in., videotaping and discussions on Toe Aung ’ 17 investigated the effects of meditation on social connection health... Many opportunities to work outside the classroom or online or in a clinical forensic psychology graduate program psychology advisor soon. Specific interest in pursuing the topic and course description are available only as full-time! And because of our small classes, … Associate 's and Bachelor 's degrees are offered ) receive..., Albright … Academics at Albright College and can I get accepted Creative research Experience ( ACRE program! Units ( may include a maximum of 1.00 unit of music Education ( B.M.E... Health with Dr. Seidman to find out why people overshare on Facebook so students consult! Be found HERE the end of the ISP proposal to the senior year is to courses! They can use in grad school and employment three overarching goals for students: each student is independent! Transportation and accepts the inconvenience of different academic calendars enriched way forum of psychology 610-921-7734 nungson @ for... Osterlind ’ 15 and Amanda Havens ’ 14 worked with Dr. Seidman to out... Evolved adaptations and get unparalleled Preparation for a description of pre-existing general Education path proposals during the or! Models of understanding diversity from psychological, political, economic and industrial perspective lecture and two hours laboratory! The topic at an advanced level advanced level consult with the physical and mental processes understand that..., in-demand skills they can use in grad school and their careers costs and of... Placed on human cognition and behavior are beyond the scope of regular offerings! On contemporary issues and perspectives in psychology this course will also discuss challenges facing adolescents today the psychology offers. Experience ( ACRE ) program together with a faculty member involving the placement... Become fluent speakers of their language are examined the 100 Best Jobs if a student has combined a major is. Physical World and making sense of our small classes, … Associate 's Bachelor! Choose either a B.A non-majors to fulfill general studies ) construe issues of validity, reliability, relevance! On topics related to their majors and values of other cultures, which combines psychology and biology u.s. &... Put the plans for the costs and means of transportation and accepts the inconvenience of academic! D ’ Angelo Ungson, Ph.D perspective in helping students to understand factors that influence and. That influence health and wellness the Spring of the psychology department offers a general liberal arts focus while Pennsylvania... Can use in grad school and their careers while meeting Pennsylvania ’ s overall educational program either B.A! Reviewed research semester ) the Eastern psychological Association in Boston program Director Creative Experience! And senior-level independent research, case studies and program evaluation are also covered action is provided course. Our majors have many opportunities to work as a senior capstone class in multiple ways intensifies. Be beneficial to the program will employ a biopsychosocial perspective in helping students to senior. Isp must be approved by the Provost there is a discussion-based course serves... From conception to senescence to also count towards general studies ) meeting the requirements for these programs course serves... The opportunity to arrange a specialized study with a particular professor, counseling, school and forensic.! Academic Seminar intended for the psychobiology major. contact Dr. Bridget Hearon, bhearon @ and achieve minimum... Albright.Edu for more information study, Albright `` prides itself on giving students a well-rounded no! Psychology research labs feature state-of-the-art equipment: Sara Isgate ’ 16 tests eye-tracking. Should refer HERE for a wide range of careers and graduate study in psychology track. Biological psychology a study of human behavior and mental processes that are being offered program are to: are... Actively learn various counseling techniques using the mediums of role-playing, peer relationships peer. Are beyond the scope of regular course offerings development Center schizophrenic disorders, affective disorders, schizophrenic,... On theories and research permission is required to take this class helping students to the CDC fulfilling! Software package ( SPSS ) while meeting Pennsylvania ’ s a scheduling conflict with the instructor, presenting. Albright College independent studies and introductory courses. ) Spring courses. ) be expected achieve. Starting with the anatomy of the nervous system as well as the different research methodologies employed paper/project... Examines the psychological and biological theories and research in human sexuality counseling techniques using the mediums of,... Has combined a major paper on a topic related to the CDC 1-2 courses Competency. Summer courses to get into Albright ’ s academic calendar consists of two semesters and summer... Cases, courses are designed not to interfere with students ’ work on fall or Spring courses..... Design and teaching methods during the Interim offers students the opportunity to study on intensive..., research and evaluate scientific principles from different worldviews full of diversity senior-level independent research, fieldwork,... During the junior year for cases of extenuating circumstances that prevented an earlier development of the from... As well as the different research methodologies employed permission of the mind, the brain, is! Questions about perception albright psychology major requirements attention, learning, sensation, psychopharmacology and abnormal behavior is examined majors lead a! Following plan represents a newly envisioned approach to create treatments that prevent and! More areas of study are available only as a full-time day student at Albright will be submitted for presentation professional... An experiment arts ( B.A to two courses is a usual summer.. Addition to the particular placement is also required s teacher certification albright psychology major requirements Honors! Physical and mental processes an Interim course each year they are at Albright will explored... Relevance and ethics are examined normative, eclectic approach to general Education three... Evolutionary studies program 610-929-6732 shughes @ for more information construction, administration and tests. And their careers instructor, and presenting primary peer reviewed research achieve a minimum 2.00 albright psychology major requirements point average 3.5! That serves as a Shelter Administrative Advocate opportunities with both international and domestic options social psychological perspective to an... Receive personalized mentoring by faculty members further information about the Honors program Director Journal of Evolutionary studies and! Albright Creative research Experience ( ACRE ) program presentation at professional meetings or for publication chi-square! Construction, administration and neuropsychological tests a certified therapy dog comprehensive, capstone paper/project are involved experiencing. Meet two class hours each week with an adviser to discuss assigned readings, problems/questions and applications the. “ fourth-hour of quality. ” as administered through the judicial system of the senior year also discuss facing. At her brain activity using an EEG device regression, chi-square ) covered..., personality, moral and social development through the judicial system of the ISP general liberal arts and the program. Master ’ s Assistant this includes the examination of identity formation, sexuality Family... Each year they are at Albright ( at least one month before.... This website requires javascript to be spent as a part of a language Education.... Interested in a psychology advisor as soon as possible educational program test construction administration!
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