When you are ready to have your apparel embroidered come see us! 

Let us know if you have your stitch files.  We need these for the embroidery machines to stitch your logo. If you have had your logo embroidered in the past you have already paid to digitize your logo.  Please ask your previous decorator if they would be willing to give you the files. (many decorators will not) Stitch files are made with software that interprets vectored camera ready artwork into a format that an embroider machine understands. If your logo was professionally designed, your artist can provide you with vectored artwork of your logo. (Vectored means it can be made smaller or bigger without losing the integrity of the artwork). If your logo was home made it likely needs to be recreated by a graphic designer so that we can have the artwork digitized. The software to create these files is very expensive. We do not create the digitized files in house that the embroidery machines can read. The cost of getting a logo vectored & digitized for embroidery can range from $45.00 to several hundred dollars depending on the size and complexity of the logo. Most left chest logos around 4 inches and cost $60 to digitize. The file created for polos or jackets will not work for caps.  Different garments require the stitching to be done in different sequences to stitch nice.  If you are looking for a variety of apparel to be decorated we will need to have more than one stitch file. (flats for shirts, jackets and curves for caps) Once your logo is digitized then the stitch count will dictate the price for the embroidery. An average left chest logo at 4” is usually around 5,000 stitches and can cost between $5.00 to $12 per item depending on quantity and complexity. 

If you are supplying your own apparel, expect to pay more for your decoration and assume the liability of miss-prints if a piece is damaged. 

Embroidery Pricing


Base Charge

Up to 10,000 Stitches

Stitch Charge

Per 1000 stitches

over 10,000 Stitches

1 to 5

6 to 11$9


12 to 23$8$1.00
24 to 47$7$.85
48 to 144$6$.75
144 plusCallCall

Additional Charges

Digitizing - we do not digitize in-house. 

Heartcrest  $45 - $60 

Full Back     $100 - $150 plus depending on design.

Tackle Twill - please call. Intricate, full back designs can be up to $400 for digitizing, cut and sew files.

* all designs will be quoted after review by digitizers, prices subject to change based on art submitted.

** setup charges may be waived on quantities over 144 with garments purchased through Street Graphex, INC.

Set-up Charges for Stock Designs

$5 to $25 depending on design. Setup charge will be determined by number of colors of design.  

All garments brought to us to stitch will incur a set up charge. $50 per hour charged in 15 minute increments.

Setup includes design editing, text set-up, graphics, machine setup, product handling,

producing color proofs & any other production cost.  

* setup charges may be waived on large jobs with garments purchased through Street Graphex, INC.

Hooping Charges

Hard to hoop garments will incur a hooping charge of no less than $5 per garment.  Examples would be heavy coats.


Per Line - $4